8 Aug 2014: Words … Words … Words

Things I never gave much thought to before I became a writer ….

Can you reluctantly giggle?  I was editing my latest novel last week and had a character giggle.  It just didn’t sound right so I added in that she reluctantly giggled.   After rereading it, I wondered can you really giggle with reluctance?  Giggling to me is spontaneous and joyous.  Can their be any reluctance in either of those things?  I decided not so she ended up laughing reluctantly.  Yes, I think one can laugh reluctantly.   Seriously, I gave this a lot f thought.  I guess this is what I di while my friends are busy updating their status on Facebook on their phones.   Good thing?  Bad thing?  Who’s to say?

Can anyone explain the difference between instinctualy and instinctively to me?  I feel they are used interchangeably but somehow feel as if there’s more of a proper usage I’m missing.  Again, I ponder the words …

Confliction?  I asked my friends on Facebook if they thought that was a real word.  I have it in my latest novel and although it sounded good to me, I questioned its validity.  I got positive responses so it stays.  But still, I have a sense of confliction as to whether to keep it in or not.  🙂  It was a question worth asking as I’ve always had a habit of making up my own words.  In my third novel I used the word krunkling.  What’s krunkling?   We walked through the forest, the sound of the dry leaves and earth krunkling under our feet.  It’s a bit more in-depth than crunching which in my mind would imply only leaves underfoot.

Just thought I’d share what occupies my mind while I go about my daily business.


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