14 Sep 2014 … Things I hate about the English Language

Things I hate about the English Language …  Well, a few of them anyway.

Why is it that when I eat, it’s EAT …. But if something’s sugary, it’s swEET and not swEAT?

Because of this illogic, when I write or type fast I’m constantly misspelling sweet. In my novels, Daniel likes to call Sara his little sweet pea, which in the bizarre spelling logic of my fast typing … well, he keeps calling her is little sweat pea. Not terribly romantic …

Of course the word TREAT doesn’t help any.

Now you’ll counter with FEET and MEET.

FEET?? MEET?? You say? I’ll raise your MEET and FEET with my FEAT and MEAT.  I’ll even add in a SEAT, a BEAT and a TWEAT.

FEAT – FEET … MEET – MEAT? They’re even pronounced the same. At least Sweat and Sweet have the common decency to be pronounced differently!

Anyway … As you might suspect, I’m editing a novel and deep in the quagmire we commonly call the English language.

Why oh why didn’t I pay more attention in high school English class???

-Jennifer 😦

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