31 Jan 2015: Covers of my new Books

After weeks of deliberation and experimentation, I think I finally settled on the best covers I can come up with using my limited software.  Here they are:

Blood's Solemn Vow - Volume V

Blood’s Solemn Vow – Volume V


Blood's Solemn Vow (The Purer Version) - Volume V

Blood’s Solemn Vow (The Purer Version) – Volume V

Because they are two different versions of the same book, I wanted the covers to be close, but not copies of each other.  For the second version, I was just going to do the silver ring, but it looked bland so I added the red border which I think jazzed it up a bit.  The ring is not only the ring worn by my protagonist, Sara Donnelly, but also a ring that belonged to my grandmother Florence Wells.   Since the book is a fictionalized version of the story of my Wells ancestors (as vampires) I used my grandmother’s actual ring to give it more authenticity.  I’m still not a hundred percent on board with these covers, but like I said, I’m pretty limited in what I can create.  My search for better cover making software continues.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  Both to improve the covers or in software I should look at.


Author of the soon to be published: Blood’s Solemn Vow: The Purity of Blood Volume V

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