8 Feb 2015: Even Fortune Cookies let you Down Sometimes

As I’ve mentioned before, I love fortune cookies.  Not just because a fresh one tastes great, but I’ve also used the fortunes as a writing challenge.  I have two bowls of fortunes in my house.  One with the not so good ones, and one with the potentials.  The potentials are fortunes I might be able to write into a book.  This has been my challenge on my last three books, find a way to elegantly work in a few of my fortunes.

But then and again you sometimes come across one that’s so bad, so strange, I’m not even sure I want to put it in with the clunkers.  I got one of those yesterday.  Here it is:

Stupid Fortune Cookie

WTF does “You have the exceptional ability to understand the fancies of marketable ideas” mean?  I mean what drunk guy at the fortune cookie factory came up with that one?  I mean it’s so bad, I kinda want to find a way to put it in a book.  I mean, THAT would be a challenge.  I guess I just have to figure out what it means first …. no easy task to be sure.

So does anyone out there have a clue what my fortune means???


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