2 Feb 2015: And so it begins ….

Having finished and published my fifth novel, the last in my series, yesterday I started my next project.  Scary, I know.  fortunately on some down time I had while finishing up my last novel, I wrote out a detailed (12 page – single spaced) outline.  Did mention I do insanely detailed outlines?  Anyway, yesterday I started to comb through all the email and text correspondence between me and my internet scam artist.   Not sure if I mentioned it before, but this next novel is a ‘fictionalized’ version of what happened when a scam artist tried to take me for money on match.com.  Before this happened to me, I was completely ignorant of the fact that there are ‘men’ who troll internet dating sites looking for women they think they can romance and then bilk for money.  Poor guy had no idea who he was dealing with!  Sadly after I reported him to the FBI for internet fraud, I got no response.  In my novel however …. oh yeah, she gets a response … and so the fun begins.

What I started yesterday was to go through all the pages of correspondence and start to write out a story using them.  Of course the problem is that I have 127 pages of this!!!! I know!!! and I only want the romancing to be about the first quarter of the book.  And I’m trying to keep this book at the 100 to 150,000 word range.  Yep, I got some trimming to do.  Wish me luck.



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