11 Feb 2015: Turning life’s yuck into Experience for the Writer

It’s been slow going on my new book so far.  I’ve had a lot of prepping to do for my upcoming week.  I’m having surgery tomorrow, and am unsure how long I’ll be out of commission.  Hence the need to make sure all my laundry is done, the dishes are all clean, the house is super neat for company.   yada yada yada if you know what I mean.  It sucks that I have to go under the knife, but I’m trying to look at it as a good thing.  It’s an experience that I can use in a novel.  Something new that I can write about with my own personal knowledge as a guide.   Is that a writer thing???

I’d much rather write from my own experiences than from something someone else told me or I saw on TV.  But still, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a few days.

In the mean time … Look what the fortune cookie gods saw fit to say to me a few days ago:

Good books are friends

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