26 April 2015: Finding my inspiration

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to find inspiration, ways to challenge myself as a writer in the oddest of places.   Fortune cookies being one of them.  I love to find ways to work in a little saying or fact into my books in a seamless fashion.

Here are a few good fortunes I’ve collected over the past few weeks:

Wondering how I get so many fortunes???  My coworkers order a LOT of Chinese food for lunch.

Fortune - Let reality be reality cookie

Fortune - If you live out Your

Fortune - Read to Live

Fortune - Important Email coming

Another challenge I’m taking on is working in a few Snapple facts.  If you don’t know, most bottles of Snapple Iced Tea have little facts on the bottom of the lid.  I have a friend who is a compulsive Snapple drinker and saves her Snapple caps for me.  Here’s a few good ones I’d like to try to work into a book:

Snapple Cap 2

Snapple Cap 4

Snapple Cap 13

Snapple Cap 6

Sometimes I find inspiration in odd pictures people post on Facebook like this:

Angry Woman

I love this picture.  It’s practically a book in and of itself.  I mean, what happened to piss her off???  I love it!

So where do you find inspiration?


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