23 May 2015: Book Blurbs

So I had some time to kill yesterday while I was getting my car fixed.  Six hours sitting with my computer with no wi-fi and nothing to do will really help you get something accomplished.  What came out of my sex hours?  A book blurb.  I’m not sure if that’s the technical term or not, but that’s what I call my paragraph description, the inside flap teaser of what your book contains.   For me this has always been one of the most difficult parts of finishing up my books.

So did I come up with a title in my six hours in purgatory?  Yes … and no.  I narrowed it down to two choices.  They are… If Love is a Lie … or … He Loves Me Not.   Both with the subtitle of Finding and Losing Love Online.

Here’s the blurb.  Maybe you can help me chose a title that goes best.

Love is never as easy to find as we wish it would be. When Emily started her online romance with Antonio, a man who seemed to be the one she’d been waiting for all her life, she had no idea what sinister motives lied behind the photos of Antonio’s amazing brown eyes. Blinded by her own desires for romance and companionship, she embraced the lie and ignored the truth of her persistent suspicions of his motivations. What will she do when she learns her great love is nothing more than a scammer, not after her heart, but her money? With revenge her only motive, she sets out on an adventure to bring her great love down and see him punished for what he’s done to her. But when she’s forced to confront Antonio face to face, will she ultimately find love in his arms, or in Evan’s, the sexy but stoic FBI Agent who enlists her to bring Antonio to justice?

Loosely based on the author’s own unfortunate online romance with a scam artist she mistook for the man of her dreams, the first half of this novel mirrors the author’s own journey to the startling truth of her paramour’s guilt. In life it’s true that we can’t all have happy endings, but though we can’t live them, sometimes we can write them for ourselves.

The real question is … in this case, is truth stranger than fiction?


So, given that, which title do you like best??


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