11 July 2015: Two things I learned this week

Since I like to pass on what I’m learning on my long road to becoming America’s best-selling novelist … I thought I’d share two things I’ve learned from my book launch last week.

#1:  Don’t launch both versions of the book at the same time.

Seems folks have been buying the wrong version of the book, or should I say not the one they intended to buy.  Folks have been buying the PG version, when they meant to buy the Spicy version.  In retrospect, I think I should have realized this would happen.  It did to a lesser extent with the launch of my last novel as well, but not to the extent this one did.

  • Lesson I learned:  Next time, do two book launches at least a week apart.  Would also help draw out the launch celebration.

#2: I didn’t get my act together in enough time to do preorders …

With all the time I poured into creating the excitement for the launch, I never looked into getting preorders set up on Amazon until it was too late.  Seems you have to have your manuscript uploaded at least 10 prior to the book launch date.  I went on 5 days ahead.

  • Lesson I learned:  You need to have the book finished and ready to go well ahead of your launch date.  At least 14 days, 21 would be better.  Will give you enough time to upload on KDP and still start the marking blitz leading up to launch and manage to capture preorders while you’re spending all the time marketing.

Alas, I learn more with every book I put out there.  I get frustrated when I make mistakes, but I also feel encouraged that I now have a new piece of the puzzle that I didn’t before.  Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you won’t make the mistakes I did.  Would be nice to think I’m helping others.


PS:  Saw this item in the back of my Entertainment Weekly this week.  Thought my fellow writers and readers would enjoy.


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