15 Oct 2017: Vampires on Vacation

Where does the writer of vampire novels (and a genealogist) go on her vacation? To visit the vampire grave of Rhode Island, of course!

Pilgrimage complete!

While researching odd and interesting places to visit in Rhode Island and Connecticut on roadsideamerica.com, I came across the vampire grave of Simon Whipple in Union Cemetery in North Smithfield, RI.

In memory of Simon Whipple, youngest son of Col. Dexter Aldrich & Margery his wife, who died on May 6, 1841, aged 27 years.  Altho’ consumption’s vampire grasp had seized thy mortal frame, ……. mind …..

We’ll never know exactly how the epitaph ends at some point in the past, his stone was set in concrete?  Why?  Was it because the stone had been knocked over and had to be set again?  Or was it perhaps because to keep something in the ground from getting out?  We’ll never know …

Simon and his siblings … all died aged 27 years …. odd …


Jennifer Geoghan, author of:

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  1. Hi! Jennifer, We found you on find a grave, after trying to link our Crandall/Berg lines, and so on, as well as the true life characters in our Amazon books: http://amzn.to/2soVkLw, and http://amzn.to/2G9TQqt . You’re character reminded us as the real (Joan Wilder, Romancing the Stone), type, a romance novelist, with a twist; nice job by the way, on both parts, the writer, and genealogy, by freely giving you’re time, linking graves, that might otherwise be forgotten.


    1. Thanks Vern and Carrie! I only wish I had a fan base of drug lords in Columbia like Joan Wilder does! Probably sounds like a bad thing, but that’s my favorite part of the movie! – Jennifer


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