The FALLING Series

FALLING for Death    Book One in the Falling Series

Sara Donnelly was completely unprepared for what she found when she arrived in the small college town of New Paltz. Leaving her family behind to begin a new chapter of her life in the Catskills of New York State, Sara hoped to escape the horrors of her past in the unfamiliar surroundings of her new life as a student. But nothing of this new world is what it seems at first glance, especially when it comes to her mysterious professor and his devastatingly handsome teaching assistant, Daniel.

Daniel, the brooding loner who hides from the world finds he can’t hide from Sara … or the sirens call of her blood.

You see, the blood that runs through Sara’s veins isn’t quite like everyone else’s. It’s only through her unusual blood that Sara discovers that her family’s ancient past is the future that’s awaited her in New Paltz all along. Shortly after her arrival, Sara will not only be forced to confront the horrors of her childhood, but everything she’s ever believed about the world she lives in as well. It’s along this journey of discovery that both men unexpectedly find their way into her heart, but for very different reasons. With a fiery spirit to match her flaming head of red hair, Sara finds her family’s unique history colliding with her present day in ways that even a genealogist such as herself could never have conceived. After all, who could possibly imagine vampires walking out of the pages of novels and into your heart?

FALLING for Stars    Book Two in the Falling Series

Christmas vacation now over, it’s time for Sara to return for another semester at New Paltz University. But what promises to be a happy future with the man of her dreams, turns out to be just the opposite when Daniel mysteriously disappears only a few weeks into term. Torn by feelings of betrayal not only for the man she loves for abandoning her, but also for the grandfather who isn’t telling her everything he knows, Sara finds her way into the arms of another. Desperately searching for stability in a life that feels as if it’s falling apart at the seams, Sara turns to her best friend Ben. Finally giving in to the secret feelings she’s always had for him, in his arms she finds a quiet spot in the eye of the storm that threatens to overtake her. But can she be satisfied with a love that seems only a shadow of the tumultuous emotions she still feels for Daniel? After she discovers that Ben isn’t exactly who he’s claimed to be, Sara decides to take a chance on him, but mysterious forces in her life may already be taking that decision out of her hands.

FALLING for a Kiss    Book Two in the Falling Series

After a tumultuous first year at New Paltz University, summers finally here for Sara Donnelly … but she’s not exactly excited about it the prospect. Heading off to spend the next few months at home in Wading River should sound like a good thing, but it also means she’ll be parted from her fiancé Daniel until the fall.
After only a few weeks at home, the summer takes an unexpected turn when Sara’s pulled from her job to spend the remainder of her break with her brother Roger up in Connecticut. But something’s amiss in the small museum where Roger’s just been hired as the new curator. When one of his employees mysteriously goes missing, Sara happily comes to Roger’s rescue by agreeing to fill the vacancy. But spending time with Roger isn’t the only reason she’s happy. From the small museum perched on the edge of the sea, it’s only a short drive to where Daniel is spending his vacation at her grandfather’s house in Rhode Island.
Shortly after her arrival in Stonington, Sara finds things in the small seaside borough of Connecticut are not exactly what she’d expected. Roger’s unwittingly fallen into company with an ancient secret society bent of defending their ancestral lands from any and all vampires. Over his head and worried he’s unexpectedly brought Sara into harms way, Roger quickly realizes his shadowy new boss has designs on his beautiful little sister.
Caught in between two worlds, Sara has to find a way to keep the love of her life alive as well as decide exactly how much she’s willing to divulge to her big brother about the vampire that’s about to marry into the family.

FALLING Head over Heart     Book Four in the Falling Series

Summer’s over for Sara, but her return to New Paltz University hasn’t been a smooth one. In the aftermath of the horrific events that concluded her summer break, Sara has to come to grips with her new reality. Just when it seems she can finally find a way to live with the memories that have continued to haunt her, the most unexpected thing in the world happens. Something that rocks her world to its very core and forces Sara to flee all that she’s ever known. With both Ben and Daniel chasing after her, these two rivals become unlikely allies as they help Sara confront her demons and the growing problem she has a limited amount of time to decide how to handle. Facing a future she never wanted, who will Sara choose? Daniel, the vampire who ironically is the safe choice? Or Ben, the risk, her best friend, and the man who’s given her the most unlikely gift of all.

FALLING Ever After    Book Five in the Falling Series

After two tumultuous years at New Paltz University, it’s Sara’s senior year. Sara, Daniel and Ben and all their friends are back on the NPU campus, but what events will transpire to alter the course of their lives before graduation day?
There will be a graduation.
There will be a wedding.
There will be a honeymoon.
But none of it will be smooth sailing, especially when Sara’s family finally meets the new in-laws. When all is said and done, lives will be changed. And of one thing you can be certain, in a million years you’ll never be able to guess how their story ends. In this, the fifth book in The Purity of Blood series, all your questions will be answered, and Daniel, Ben and Sara’s fates will be decided.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.

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