Bk 2: FALLING for Stars

FALLING for Stars

Book Two in the Falling Series

Christmas vacation now over, it’s time for Sara to return for another semester at New Paltz University. But what promises to be a happy future with the man of her dreams, turns out to be just the opposite when Daniel mysteriously disappears only a few weeks into term. Torn by feelings of betrayal not only for the man she loves for abandoning her, but also for the grandfather who isn’t telling her everything he knows, Sara finds her way into the arms of another. Desperately searching for stability in a life that feels as if it’s falling apart at the seams, Sara turns to her best friend Ben. Finally giving in to the secret feelings she’s always had for him, in his arms she finds a quiet spot in the eye of the storm that threatens to overtake her. But can she be satisfied with a love that seems only a shadow of the tumultuous emotions she still feels for Daniel? After she discovers that Ben isn’t exactly who he’s claimed to be, Sara decides to take a chance on him, but mysterious forces in her life may already be taking that decision out of her hands.


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