Bk 5: FALLING Ever After

FALLING Ever After

Book Five in the Falling Series

After two tumultuous years at New Paltz University, it’s Sara’s senior year. Sara, Daniel and Ben and all their friends are back on the NPU campus, but what events will transpire to alter the course of their lives before graduation day?
There will be a graduation.
There will be a wedding.
There will be a honeymoon.
But none of it will be smooth sailing, especially when Sara’s family finally meets the new in-laws. When all is said and done, lives will be changed. And of one thing you can be certain, in a million years you’ll never be able to guess how their story ends. In this, the fifth book in The Purity of Blood series, all your questions will be answered, and Daniel, Ben and Sara’s fates will be decided.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.