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29 Mar 2017: Last first kiss … second to Last First Kiss … third from Last First Kiss …Oh Heck!

This last post in my series is a little off topic.  It’s really because when I was searching for a title for my latest novel, I was dumbstruck at how silly people are when it comes to picking names for their books.

Here’s how I go about picking a name.

  • Step 1: Remember not to get married to a name too early.  Research has to be done and you may be setting yourself up for heartbreak when you have to ditch the title you had your heart set on.
  • Step 2: Brain storm till I come up with a list of a few titles I think have potential.
  • Step 3: Go on Amazon.

Yep, go on Amazon and enter in your title to see if there is currently another book with that title up for sale.  This is important.  You don’t want to throw yourself into marketing your new book only for folks to a.) have trouble finding it, b.) buy the wrong book, or even worse c.) think the other book with the same title looks better and more appealing that yours!  Horrors!

Here’s a case in point. One of the titles on my list of potential titles for my novel was “Last First Kiss.”  Sounds good, no?  Well, it must be a good title, cause there are quite a few “Last First Kiss” books on Amazon!

What a waste it would have been to title my book that too.  My question is, did the other authors not check, or did they not care that they were going to be lumped in among the other kisses? Personally, I think it’s a mix of both.

Googleing the prospective titles is a good idea as well.

Ironically enough, the title I was convinced would be taken … wasn’t?!?!? I’m not complaining 🙂 nor am I telling you the title until I launch the book.


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6 April 2015: Am I the only one???

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only writer who finds it harder to come up with a title and a book blurb than it is to write the book itself.  Am I?

It’s true, I just finished the first draft of my newest novel this past weekend … but I still can’t come up with a title.  😦

It’s also true that I am a very speedy writer and this novel is purposefully shorter than my five previous novels, but still, come on, I’ve been pondering this title situation for well over a month now and zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

I’m totally dreading the book blurb episode that’s coming soon to the laptop near me.  Why is it easier to write an entire novel than it is for me to sum it up (sans the exciting twist of an ending) in a short paragraph??

Again, I wonder … Am I the only one with this problem???

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