14 Jan 2015: Deadlines: Dead as a doornail, or Alive and kicking

So as an independent author, I find I need to operate with my own self-imposed deadlines.  I mean, I don’t think I’d be able to write, edit and publish five full length novels in two and a half years if I hadn’t set quotas on myself.  When I first start a book, I have a minimum of ten 10 typed pages a day I need to write.  As the story progresses, like a snowball rolling down hill, I naturally write faster.  When this happens, I up that to 15 pages a day, then 20.  By the end, I’m usually writing 25 to 30 pages a day.

By nature, I’d say I’m a lazy person.  If I didn’t set specific goals for myself, I’d never get anything done.  I’m definitely one for lists and I guess that’s why I spend a great deal of time before I pick up pen and paper on my outline.  Checking off bullet points is very satisfying and helps incent me to keep writing and meet my quotas.  I don’t feel that writing suffers because of my quotas.  Quite the contrary, I’d say it’s better for it.  Sometimes you just have to pick up that pen and start writing even when you don’t feel like it.  If you’re a good writer, even when you’re not in the mood to write, you’re still a good writer, that doesn’t change.

Besides I had a long story to tell in five novels.  I’d like to finish it before I retire!  Thankfully, I’ll be done with them in a few weeks!

So you writer’s out there …. Do you set deadlines on yourself?  Do you think it stifles or helps your creative process?


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