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4 April 2016: Maybe we should just hold hands instead of kiss …

What is Romance?

Exactly how much “romance” does a novel have to contain for it be considered a romance novel?

I’ve been pondering this question for a while now. Is it as simple that at the end of the book the male or female protagonist ends up with the person they’ve been flirting with? Is it the amount of sex in the book, and by sex I mean sex other than casual sex? Is it as simple as love, two characters that weren’t in love when the book began but are when it ends?


Oops! Sorry, I can’t kiss you there. If I did, that would be a romance and I don’t do romance.

Let’s take my latest book, If Love is a Lie, for an example. I list it as a romance, but there’s a whole lot more to it than your standard formulaic romance. The first third of the book is Emily’s relationship with her internet dating scam artist. Hardly a worthy romance! The next phase of the book is her working with the FBI to bring her scammer and his gang to justice. There’s a growing attraction between her and the FBI agent assigned to the case, but really this section of the story is more crime/action/adventure. The last section of the book is where she’s forced to make a choice about the direction of her life. She’s caught in a love triangle between her scammer and the FBI agent. In the end she makes her choice and they ride off into the sunset together to start a new life. The last section is very dramatic but I suppose it would fall into a romance category. I’ll admit I like love triangles. There’s always a happy ending in my books but I like to keep the suspense of who she’ll be happy with until the very end.

So is If Love is a Lie a romance novel?

Sometimes I think romance is like vampires. My book series (The Purity of Blood novels) has vampires in it. Is the fact that they are vampires central to the story? No, but because there are vampires in it, it’s automatically “Paranormal Romance.” Personally, I don’t feel that classification is warranted, but a vampire is a vampire and if even one creeps into a novel, it’s automatically a paranormal book. This makes me wish there really was a vampire in the world, just one, a friendly one preferably, but just that one would make the paranormal … normal. Thus my “paranormal romance” could be classified as just romance.

I was gonna suck your blood, but I'll just kiss you instead!

I was gonna suck your blood, but I’ll just kiss you instead!

As with vampires, I think any book with kissing involved gets unfairly classified as a romance novel. Is If Love is a Lie a romance? Yes … and no. I think folks who like and those who dislike romance novels would both enjoy it.

Does underwater kissing count?

Does underwater kissing count?

Yesterday I wen to lunch with a friend and asked him this same question, how much romance is enough to push a book into that category. His reply was if the central theme of the book was romance, than it’s a romance. A logical and well thought out answer. With that in mind, I’d say my series (The Purity of Blood) is not a romance series at all. The central theme is the development of Sara from the innocent girl she is at the beginning of the series to the strong woman she is at the end. Are her romantic relationships part of that development? Yes, but even stronger in it is her relationship with Randall, her grandfather. But seeing as Randall is a vampire … I’m still stuck with the paranormal label. Oh, well. C’est la vie as the French say.


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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19 March 2016: Table of Nonsense

When I first started publishing my e-books, I was new to the wonderful world of e-books my brand spanking new Kindle was about to open up to me.  Three years later, having read countless e-books, I’m now a seasoned e-book reader. With this in mind, I was thinking back to when I was first going through KDP’s (Kindle Direct Publishing) instructions on how to properly format and construct an e-book for publication.  They were very insistent that my novel have a table of contents with imbedded links to each chapter head.


Three years later I can tell you this table of contents is completely unnecessary. I have never used a table of contents in any fiction e-book.  No, not even once.  When I think about all the trouble I went through setting my first one up, I could scream!

Why do they insist on them?

I have no idea. Maybe to keep an e-book looking as close to a paper novel as possible. If that’s the case, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.  A paper book is not an e-book.

I see other authors putting Table of Contents in their books as well.  As a writer who knows what it takes to pull a professional looking e-book together, whenever I open a new book, I back scroll from page one – chapter one, to the front cover. If you read on a Kindle as well, you know when you open a book for the first time, it skips the sacred Table of Contents and places you on page one.  Being as I like the experience, I like to start from the front cover and work my way to page one, so I see all those useless TOC (okay, I’m abbreviating it now)

So I ask … if the TOC is so sacred, why does my Kindle not open a book on it instead of page one?

I’ve come to the conclusion that going forward I’m no longer going to include a TOC in my e-book editions.  What’s the point?

So, I’m curious … does anyone else have an opinion on the inclusion of a TOC in a fiction e-book?


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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5 Jan 2016: It’s official!! I’ve given birth to a paperback.

At long last, the first book in my series is now out in paperback.

Click here to see it on Amazon


After a couple of years of only putting out Ebooks, it’s nice to finally be able to say “Yeah, sure.  You can get it in paperback.”  I always think I’m the last to get any new tech, as I usually am, so I’m still surprised how many people are out there that just won’t read an ebook even if they have access to them.   What’s up with that anyway?  I mean I get the whole you love the feel of the book in your hands, turning actual pages and all, but welcome to 2016. For me, if I read an ebook that I fall in love with, I usually try to buy it in paperback and add it to my library. But I still read the ebook first.  This is especially true for me because I love my Kindle Unlimited that only lets you have 10 books out at a time.  Best to get it in paperback if I want to reread it.

So, if you’re one of those folks who was waiting for the paperback version to buy my book, Today Is Your Day!


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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1 Jan 2016: How to create a book cover for CreateSpace

YEAH! I finally got my book cover accepted by CreateSpace.  It only took FIVE attempts! So with this in mind, I thought I’d supplement CreateSpace’s rather sketchy instructions with my own journey.

So to start, you go on CreateSpace and download the template which will be the exact size for your book size, the number of pages in your book and book type.  In my case this was 5.5 by 8.5, 454 pages and black and white interior on white pages. The finished product you upload onto CreateSpace has to be a PDF but you can download the template as a PDF and I think a TIFF. This was mine:


Before you start, you’ll need to have a barcode that’s hooked up to your book’s ISBN number.  If you just take the FREE ISBN number that CreateSpace offers, I’m not sure how that works.  Since I’m a writer who wants to keep control of my book, I chose to buy my own ISBN from Bowker and purchased my barcode from them as well.  On Bowker’s website, you tie the barcode to the ISBN for you book.  You’ll need the barcode you then download off their site to insert onto the back cover. Why did I buy one instead of take the free one? Becuase if Amazon isn’t the big deal anymore and I want to move my book to the new and better online book retailer, you can’t take that free ISBN with you.  GOTCHA! Yep, that’s how they hook you and keep you on their site.

If you’re already designed the cover for the Ebook as I had, you’ll then need to start by creating the back cover and a spine.  To do the back cover, I took the book blurb I had on Amazon for the ebook and jazzed it up a bit to be appealing to someone picking up the paperback.  I also designed it to match well with the cover art. As with my covers, I used a combination of programs to create my back cover and spine.  I used my Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and the online program of As instructed on the template, I placed my barcode in the area indicated.

Back cover for blog

Back Cover of my book

Book Spine Image

Book Spine Image

For the front cover, the image was pretty close to the dimensions the template indicated so I just stretched it out to fill the required area.  Thankfully, it didn’t mess with the image itself in an undesirable way. Here’s what I then saved as a PDF and uploaded to CreateSpace along with my book interior:

Attempt #1

Attempt #1

I was then notified that though my book interior had been accepted (YAHOO!!!) by book cover had been rejected.  Not understanding the goblygook techno speak of the email, I had CreateSpace call me from the help page.  The gal who I talked to said the back and spine were fine, but the cover image needed to extend into the pink area so they’d have some trim to play with. I specifically asked about the pink trim area.  Were you supposed to see it in the image I uploaded?  In reply, she SPECIFCALLY said YES. (This is important later on) This sounded odd to me, but seemed an easy fix.  I then redid the cover to allow for some area on the top, bottom and right side for them to trim off if need be without ruining the artistic integrity of the cover image. Here’s what I then uploaded to replace Attempt #1:

Attempt #2

Attempt #2

A day later I got the email saying that this image had been accepted.  I then ordered a hard copy proof which arrived a few days later in the mail.


Spine ImageI thought the cover looked fine, but the title on the spine seemed a little high when it got trimmed.  Wasn’t sure why it was trimmed when the cover wasn’t?!?!?! But whatever.  I tweaked the spine and uploaded the new and improved cover to CreateSpace.

Attempt #3

Attempt #3

There was no reason this one should be rejected, right?  WRONG! Even though I really hadn’t changed anything, it was indeed rejected.  Come on, REALLY! So again I spoke to CreateSpace. This time they told me that all the edges had to be even, that the front over was bigger than the spine and back.  I politely told the lady that the other gal I’d spoken to told me to do it this way and that it had been approved and printed before like this.  After a brief hold she told me that it had mistakenly been approved before, that it should have been rejected. WTF! So doing as she said, I trimmed the cover image and uploaded Attempt #4:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00048]

Attempt #4

And the next morning I got the email saying it was rejected.  At this point I was pretty pissed to say the least.  So again I had CreateSpace call me, and believe it or not, I got the same lady I’d spoken to the day before! She then proceeded to tell me it was rejected because you’re not supposed to have any of the pink trim area showing!  Yeah, refer to my first conversation with them above where they specifically said I was supposed to leave the pink in.  Honestly, I’d have had this done with attempt #2 if the CreateSpace help folks knew anything.  I hate to say they don’t have a clue … but …

Anyway, she said I needed to cover all the pink trim area with the image and that they’d “possibly” trim that off in the printing process.  So again, I went back to the drawing board.  The spine was fine, but I wasn’t sure the back could take the trim without it looking odd.  So I expanded the black on the sides so the text wasn’t so close to possible trim areas.  The front had to be redone as well.  I was afraid the work PURITY was too close to the edge and a trim on the side would put it right on the edge.  I also lowered my name at the top and raised up Vol I from the bottom.  Basically I learned that you have to add areas around the edges that can be cut from the image and you won’t cry about. Yes, this sucks, but it seems to be the way it is.

My other problem at this point was that the way I was saving it as a PDF wasn’t going to work anymore.  Per a friend’s suggestion, I’d downloaded a program called CutePDF that allowed me to hit print on an image and it would save it as a PDF for me.  This was fine, except that the PDF needed to be formatted to a page size as if it were really being printed. For example, see the white bars at the top and bottom? With them added, the doc is standard Letter Size for printing. Can’t have those bars this time.

Margins Example

So I broke down and bought a subscription to Adobe Acrobat so I could create a PDF without those white bars. And so I uploaded attempt #5:

Attempt #5

Attempt #5

Attempt #5 was accepted!! But with all this going on I thought it prudent to order another proof.  So this came in the mail. The left cover is the new one.  You can see where I moved the text for my name down and Purity to the left . It looks fine.  The one thing I wasn’t expecting was for the hair to look so different since I hadn’t changed that at all.  When it was printed the second time, it’s redder and little fuzzy.  It’s not horrible, but I much prefer the first printing.  The spine looked much better on the second proof.

Second Book

2nd Proof on Left — 1st Proof on Right. It’s hard to tell but the coloring is different. Left one is redder than Right.


Second Book Spine

First Proof on Top — Second Proof on Bottom with adjusted text.

And so I approved the proof yesterday and according to CreateSpace it should be up for sale on Amazon in 3-5 days. YEAH.

In conclusion, I hope this helps someone who is looking to do a print version of their book with CreateSpace.  I certainly had to learn the hard way and hope that my experiences will help someone else’s experience go better than mine did.


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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25 Dec 2015: … End of Year Status Report

I started this blog to keep folks up to date on what’s happening with Jennifer Geoghan Novels and to share what I’m learning on my long and winding path to the Nobel Prize for Literature. So with that in mind, today I thought I’d give a status report on where things stand today.

After self publishing six ebooks, I’m finally venturing into the world of paperbacks.  It was an arduous task to format my book from ebook format to an acceptable print format, but it’s finally done! The things I learned doing that gargantuan task better serve me well in life! Adapting the cover gave me a few headaches, mostly because CreateSpace, who I’m doing the paper version with, had a hard time with the concept of a letter being cut off in the title of the book.  Here’s what I mean:

The Purity of BloodThe end of the “d” in blood is off frame.  Duh .. It’s called artistic, it’s supposed to be.  I finally got them to approve the cover and received the hard copy proof in the mail yesterday. It looked pretty good but I found two things I wanted to adjust.  I’ve now re-uploaded and am waiting for CreateSpace to approve.  So with any luck, I’ll have the paperback out for sale in a few days.


Lesson Learned: My book is too long to be of any good for sale as a paperback 😦

At 454 pages, a 5.5 by 8.5 page size and charging what I consider the max I can logically charge of $12.99 a copy, my royalties will be only $1.50 a book.  Not only that, if I were to jump onto CreateSpace’s expanded distribution (where it becomes available to retailers) my royalties would be that I owe CreateSpace $1.10 per book.  Yeah, you read that right, I OWE THEM MONEY!?!?! To not owe them money, I’d have to charge $15.75 a copy which let’s face it, what retailer would pay that much for a book?  In the end although Expanded Distribution sounds good … it didn’t make any sense for this book.

On the flip side … at $12.99 a book, if my book was only 360 pages (not 454) I could do the expanded distribution and get a profit of 2 cents a book.  Again … what’s the point if I’m only making 2 cents? Andy again, who’d pay $12.99 for a book that was only 360 pages?

Anyway … My goal was to have it out in paperback before the end of the year so it looks like I’ll be meeting that goal. I’ve also started formatting If Love is a Lie so that I can get that one out as well.  I don’t expect to sell a whole bunch of books in paperback, but want to be able to have them to sell myself at book fairs this spring.

Along with that, I’m also in the market for a printer to print up promotional bookmarks to have as giveaways at my table at book fairs and also some sort of a banner or sign for my table. Still working on that one.

While doing all of the above, I’ve still been writing my next novel too! No rest for the weary here.  I’m about 60-70% of the way done on it.  I’m heading up to St. Augustine this Saturday to do some location scouting.  I’m thinking of having the big ending there.  We’ll see what I find location wise, if anything strikes me enough to write it in the book.

This book I’m working on now I’m not planning on publishing right away.  I’m going to use it as my book to send out to agents to see if I can snag me an agent with it.  I’ll give it six months. If I haven’t had any interest in that time period, I’ll go ahead and self pub it and move on.

I’ve also written a short story I’d like to submit to literary magazines and contests.  I just need to polish it up a little.

So all in all 2015 was a good year.  Despite some hardships, I’ve prevailed and am still working on furthering my career in proactive and purposeful ways.


What’s next for 2016? I’d like to get all my books formatted for paperback.  I’d like to have signed with a literary agent and be on the way to traditionally publishing my current novel project. I’d like to have been published in a Lit Magazine and have another book self published in my already published series.  Will all this happen? Here’s hoping so!

So how was your 2105?  Did you accomplish all you set out to?


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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28 Oct 2015: Sellin’ it with Book Promo Pictures

So this week, in honor of Halloween, I’m offering the first book in my series, The Purity of Blood, for 99 cents on Amazon.  It’s a vampire romance series so the holiday tie in seems logical.  But you know how it goes, the best way to say it is to say it with pictures!  Pictures are what catch our eye on Facebook and Twitter.  So to capitalize on that, whenever I want to promote a special, I troll the internet for pictures that I can manipulate to serve my purposes.  In most cases, I alter them on which is s super cool photo editing website you should definitely check out.

I like to make many different images even for this one week sale.  Let’s face it, no one likes to see the same post over and over and over again.  Eventually, they’ll just tune it out.  So having multiple images to post make sense.  I also like to have different ones, like some are funny, some stress romance, some just fall or Halloween.  I try to make a picture that would appeal to someone specific in my target audience.

Here are the ones I made this past weekend for my current sale.  Oh, yeah, and don’t forget to check out my book while it’s on sale this week!

Celebrate Halloween Promo

Celebrating Halloween

DId you Hear Promo q

Final Sara Sale

Get in the Mood Promo


Jennifer G Novels Cembrating

Now Through Halloween


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series, and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

13 Oct 2015: What to do with Old Copies of your Books

While on a recent cleaning streak through my apartment, I came across the boxes of old copies of my books.  They are the paper copies that I used to edit.  I’m old school and like to hand edit my books with a pen.  Anyway, I did at time need to reference an older copy of the book and so kept these copies in a box.  Well … actually three large boxes now taking up residence in my one closet for storage.  Yet, I’m a sentimental fool and hate to toss them out.  They are the story of how my books came to be.  So I came up with the idea to do an art project with them.  Usually I paint for art projects, but this time I did a collage of my first novel, The Purity of Blood.  It’s quite large, 30×40 inches, but then again, it’s a long book!


How did I make it?  I bought a pre-made canvas at Michael’s and some Mod Podge to do the decoupage with.  It’s basically white glue.  I used a foam brush to apply the glue to the pieces of my book that I cut out.


P1040806I trimmed the edges as much as possible so that more of the text would show through and also picked pages that had my favorite spots in the book or really good hand written edits.  I also added in some maps of the areas my book is set as well as a few other little items of interest.



Yet, when I was just about finished, it still seemed to be lacking something, so I splattered red paint on it to look like blood.  It’s a vampire love story after all!


Now I have a really cool reminder of just how much work went into that first book of mine.


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

29 August 2015: What Is Good Literature?

What is good literature?  And who decides if it’s good or bad?

Did you ever really stop to think about it?  I think having blogged on two book reviews I thought were incorrect, I got to thinking about this question a lot this week.  I can’t speak for other people, but I can tell you what I think is good literature, and I can sum it up in one sentence:

When I’m reading it, I have a hard time putting it down …. That’s good literature.


There are those that would say being a top seller makes it good literature.  It might be an indicator of sorts, but I believe the Bible is the top best seller of all time.  Now, I read my Bible, but I’m not sure I’d classify it as so good I couldn’t put it down (Sorry, God, but I’m being honest here.)  I mean there are a lot of great stories in the Bible, but as a read through, well, it leaves a little to be desired.

Shakespeare is considered great literature, but I don’t enjoy reading him.  The language is too much of a barrier for me to really be able to enjoy curling up in bed with any of his works.


I graduated with a degree in Art History, and in my experience, I can tell you that the one thing I learned in my four years of college is that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.   I’ve seen “works of art” that I thought were nothing but splotches of paint on a canvas sell for millions, when I didn’t think it was worth the price of the canvas it was painted on.   The person who bought it thought it was worth that much.  Is literature the same way?  Someone might pay millions for some first edition of a book I don’t think is worth the paper it’s printed on.


Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Both and neither.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that being a book critic is about as useless as being an art critic.  Tastes are subjective.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.   I don’t even think you can bring it down to something as simple as technical merit when it comes to art.   Art will always be subjective in all of its forms.

And yet I find this depressing …

Yes, I do find it depressing.  This would be because I strive to write great literature.  I want people to not be able to put my books down because they have to know how it ends.  But I write romance books with a twist, and there will always be those who dislike the romance genre, that believe that anything in the romance genre will never be great literature.  I find people who say such things snobs.  I also say they’re ignorant.   Is Romeo and Juliet great literature?  It’s a romance though …  How about the Bible?  Samson and Delilah?  Adam and Eve?  David and Bathsheba?  I hate to break it to you but the Bible is full of romance.  Jane Austen?  Romance takes many forms and writing an entire genre off because it’s not your bag is just wrong.  And yet so commonly done today.

Well, enough of my rant for today.  🙂


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online

23 August 2015: Happy 128th Birthday, Daniel!

Yep, today is Daniel Bennett’s birthday!  Sexy vampire Daniel is one of my main character’s in The Purity of Blood novel series, and to celebrate his 128th birthday, I’m posting a quiz on my Facebook page for my fans, directing them him for the answers to the questions.

Happy 128th Daniel

Here are the questions and answers below:

The Purity of Blood Trivia Questions

  1. What’s the name of the Inn Sara worked at in Port Jefferson?
  2. What town is Lauri’s family from in Pennsylvania?
  3. What word does Sara use to describe Ben’s eyes?
  4. What are the proper names of Roger’s children?
  5. How many humans die at the hands of vampires in all five books? (Not counting those that became vampires once dead)
  6. What’s the name of the vampire trying to kill Sara in Book One?
  7. Do the Donnelly’s have any pets?
  8. Where (town and state) is Ben from?
  9. What’s the name of the dorm Sara and Darcy live in at NPU?
  10. What are the names of the two girls that live in the room across from Sara and Darcy?
  11. What’s Ben’s middle name?
  12. How is it that Randall ends up walking Sara down the aisle?
  13. In what city did Thomas live as a human?
  14. Of all the friendly vampires, who was turned the youngest?
  15. What was Lily’s occupation as a human?
  16. Name three members of Daniel’s human family.
  17. Who was the first person in Sara’s immediate human family to find out about vampires?
  18. How is it that Randall ‘died’ before Lois, but Lois was buried before Randall?
  19. How many years did it take the author to start writing Book One to publish Book Five?
  20. Who designed the covers of each book?
  21. Are there any towns mentioned in the books that are not real places?
  22. Name the five characters that make up Sara’s core group of friends at New Paltz.
  23. New Paltz University is a real school with a fake name. What is the real name of the college that New Paltz University stands in place of?
  24. What is the age difference between Sara and Roger?
  25. What procedure is Dr. Pearce hesitant to perform on Sara in Book Five?
  26. Name all five books in order.
  27. What are Tabitha, Mike and Ryan’s last names?
  28. What important date (Day/Month) on the calendar is continually counted down to the last few books?
  29. In what town does Ben and Daniel find Sara in Book Four when she runs away?
  30. How are Randall and Lois related to Tori and Toby?
  31. How did Roger get his name?
  32. On what street is Roger’s house located?
  33. Name four characters in the novels that are based on real people?
  34. Which book is the longest and which is the shortest?
  35. What is the name of Randall and Lois’ granddaughter that they befriended in Ohio?
  36. What does Sara finally have with a beer in Book Five?
  37. Why does Sara go to Montana with Ben in Book Two?
  38. What’s the name of the dinner Sara and Ben get chased to in Book Two?
  39. What’s under Randall and Daniel’s house in New Paltz?
  40. Where is Sara when she sees Demetrius for the first time?
  41. How does Demetrius die?
  42. What’s the name of the other girl in the dorm that spreads stories about Sara?
  43. How far along was Sara when she found out she was pregnant?
  44. When did Randall and Carl Sr. first meet?
  45. How long was Sophia buried alive by the Brotherhood?
  46. Where are Daniel and Sam when Sam convinces him he’s an idiot to leave Sara?
  47. What does Lois give Sara as a Christmas present?
  48. What kind of car does Sara drive in Books One through Four?
  49. What is the name of Sam’s lost love?
  50. What does Sara get her degree in?
  51. Name six towns, cities or countries visited in Book Five?


  1. Clipper’s Inn
  2. East Petersburg
  3. Chocolate
  4. Tobias and Victoria
  5. Eleven (Book 1: Unnamed Pure by Demetrius, Book 2: Sharon, the waitress in Big Timber. 6 Men killed by Daniel. Couple Lucy Kills in Savannah. Book 3: Sam kills Mason’s henchman, Chuck, who attacked them at house)
  6. Demetrius
  7. A cat (Mentioned in Book 1)
  8. Big Timber, Montana
  9. Capen Hall
  10. Laura and Keri
  11. Theophilus
  12. Carl had to work
  13. St. Louis, Missouri
  14. Lily
  15. Paralegal
  16. Sophia, Phineas, John, Sophronia
  17. Vivy, her mother
  18. Randall bit Lois than ran away
  19. Two years
  20. Jennifer Geoghan
  21. No
  22. Ryan, Mike, Tabitha, Darcy, Ben
  23. The State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz)
  24. Ten Years
  25. Hysterectomy
  26. The Purity of Blood, Purity Lost, The Blood that Binds, Purity’s Progeny, Blood’s Solemn Vow
  27. O’Toole, Wayne and Starling
  28. May 17th (Graduation and Wedding Day)
  29. Elizabethtown, New York
  30. Fifth Great Grandparents
  31. Named after the Rogers family
  32. Omega Street
  33. Randall Wells, Lois (Maxson) Wells, Jonathan Wells, Martha Ann (Rogers) Wells, Russell Wells, Williams Rogers Wells, Elliott Wells, Florence Wells, and many more.
  34. Shortest book is Purity Lost at 170,812 words. Longest book is Purity’s Progeny at 225,480 words
  35. Electa (Wells) Maxson, daughter of their daughter Sylvia
  36. Fish and Chips
  37. To avoid going home to face her parents/to avoid explaining about Daniel
  38. Frosty Freez
  39. A cave with a canoe, under a series of chambers.
  40. Standing on the street in New Paltz
  41. Sara injects him with her blood
  42. Heather
  43. Nearly six months
  44. University of Rhode Island
  45. Nearly 50 years
  46. Savannah
  47. A locket
  48. Chevy Aveo
  49. Mariah
  50. Art History
  51. New Paltz, Hopkinton, France, Egypt, England, London, Paris, Mendlesham, Italy, Greece

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane!


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

8 August 2015: Guns, Guns, Guns. Gotta get me a Phonebook!

Today I thought I’d give a report on this month’s Florida Writers Association Meeting held in Winter Park here in Orlando.

This month Kristin Durfee was the speaker. Kristin works for the crime lab here in Orlando as a CSI that works with firearms. She gave a wonderful talk about what is really possible and how much of what we see on shows like CSI or NCIS are farfetched at best. Not knowing much about firearms myself, I learned quite a bit.  Here’s a rundown on some of the highlights I jotted down:

I always knew a bullet would have grooves on the side of it from travelling through the barrel of a gun, but learned that those grooves are caused by what is called rifling inside the barrel. The rifling is purposefully put there to cause the bullet to spin as it’s ejected from the barrel. This is equivalent to putting a spin on a football when you through it.

What Rifling Looks Like

What Rifling Looks Like

Humm ... Now I'm understanding 007's image a bit more.

Humm … Now I’m understanding 007’s image a bit more.

I also learned that a shell casing, not the bullet itself, but the casing it’s ejected from can also be traced back to the gun by the marking the firing pin makes on the back of the casing.  Each firing pin can make a distinctive mark.

Firing Pin impression is dead center

Firing Pin impression is dead center

Apparently it’s very popular to toss a gun in a canal here in central Florida after you commit a crime with it. The cops will dredge a canal looking for a specific gun, but find five guns, none of which were the one they were originally looking for.  Well, there are a lot of bodies of water here in Central Florida.  Just take a look out your window when you’re flying in and out of the city.  It’s not hard to imagine you can toss a gun in any one of them and it probably won’t be found for quite some time.  I’m sorry to report that, you can toss a gun in a canal, but chances are the crime lab will get it to work again if it was in working order when it was tossed in.  Bad for you!!  Good for Justice!!

An antique firearm isn’t considered a firearm until it’s fired. Along with this it isn’t considered antique unless the ammunition for that firearm isn’t commercially available anymore.  So basically a guy on parole can have an antique firearm in his car and it’s not a parole violation until he shoots you with it.  Yeah …. go figure.

While the same CSI on the TV Show CSI will be at the crime scene, in the lab doing ballistics, in the lab doing blood splatter work, in the lab taking a car apart, in reality, all these jobs are done by different CSI techs. It takes years to be trained on one area and in reality, they rarely cross from one area of expertise into another.

.... Not so much, boys.  You'd have had to have gone to school/training for like a zillion years to be able to do what you do on those shows.

…. Not so much, boys. You’d have had to have gone to school/training for like a zillion years to be able to do what you do on those shows.

A phonebook will stop a surprising amount of bullets.  Seriously, I probably shouldn’t have tossed mine out quite so quickly.

Something to think about

Something to think about

So that’s it.  Not that I write a whole lot about guns in my books … seeing as I write love stories …. but you never know. 🙂  It was really interesting stuff to learn.


Jennifer Geoghan, writer of romance novels with a twist.  The Purity of Blood Novel Series, and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

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