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15 Oct 2017: Vampires on Vacation

Where does the writer of vampire novels (and a genealogist) go on her vacation? To visit the vampire grave of Rhode Island, of course!

Pilgrimage complete!

While researching odd and interesting places to visit in Rhode Island and Connecticut on, I came across the vampire grave of Simon Whipple in Union Cemetery in North Smithfield, RI.

In memory of Simon Whipple, youngest son of Col. Dexter Aldrich & Margery his wife, who died on May 6, 1841, aged 27 years.  Altho’ consumption’s vampire grasp had seized thy mortal frame, ……. mind …..

We’ll never know exactly how the epitaph ends at some point in the past, his stone was set in concrete?  Why?  Was it because the stone had been knocked over and had to be set again?  Or was it perhaps because to keep something in the ground from getting out?  We’ll never know …

Simon and his siblings … all died aged 27 years …. odd …


Jennifer Geoghan, author of:

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20 July 2017: Great Summer Read and it’s FREE!

Hello friends and fans.

Just an alert that Falling for Death is free on Amazon until Sunday.  If you haven’t already, now it the time to get your copy of a great summer read and the first novel in the Falling Series. It’s a full length, stand alone novel as well as the first in the series.  Check it out!


20 April 2017: Free is always the right price.

Just an announcement that the newly rebranded first book in my series, The FALLING Series, is free on Amazon for the next few days.  I’m doing a free promo to try to increase the number of reviews I have for each book in the series.

Here’s a link to the free ebook.



Jennifer Geoghan, author of:

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4 April 2016: Maybe we should just hold hands instead of kiss …

What is Romance?

Exactly how much “romance” does a novel have to contain for it be considered a romance novel?

I’ve been pondering this question for a while now. Is it as simple that at the end of the book the male or female protagonist ends up with the person they’ve been flirting with? Is it the amount of sex in the book, and by sex I mean sex other than casual sex? Is it as simple as love, two characters that weren’t in love when the book began but are when it ends?


Oops! Sorry, I can’t kiss you there. If I did, that would be a romance and I don’t do romance.

Let’s take my latest book, If Love is a Lie, for an example. I list it as a romance, but there’s a whole lot more to it than your standard formulaic romance. The first third of the book is Emily’s relationship with her internet dating scam artist. Hardly a worthy romance! The next phase of the book is her working with the FBI to bring her scammer and his gang to justice. There’s a growing attraction between her and the FBI agent assigned to the case, but really this section of the story is more crime/action/adventure. The last section of the book is where she’s forced to make a choice about the direction of her life. She’s caught in a love triangle between her scammer and the FBI agent. In the end she makes her choice and they ride off into the sunset together to start a new life. The last section is very dramatic but I suppose it would fall into a romance category. I’ll admit I like love triangles. There’s always a happy ending in my books but I like to keep the suspense of who she’ll be happy with until the very end.

So is If Love is a Lie a romance novel?

Sometimes I think romance is like vampires. My book series (The Purity of Blood novels) has vampires in it. Is the fact that they are vampires central to the story? No, but because there are vampires in it, it’s automatically “Paranormal Romance.” Personally, I don’t feel that classification is warranted, but a vampire is a vampire and if even one creeps into a novel, it’s automatically a paranormal book. This makes me wish there really was a vampire in the world, just one, a friendly one preferably, but just that one would make the paranormal … normal. Thus my “paranormal romance” could be classified as just romance.

I was gonna suck your blood, but I'll just kiss you instead!

I was gonna suck your blood, but I’ll just kiss you instead!

As with vampires, I think any book with kissing involved gets unfairly classified as a romance novel. Is If Love is a Lie a romance? Yes … and no. I think folks who like and those who dislike romance novels would both enjoy it.

Does underwater kissing count?

Does underwater kissing count?

Yesterday I wen to lunch with a friend and asked him this same question, how much romance is enough to push a book into that category. His reply was if the central theme of the book was romance, than it’s a romance. A logical and well thought out answer. With that in mind, I’d say my series (The Purity of Blood) is not a romance series at all. The central theme is the development of Sara from the innocent girl she is at the beginning of the series to the strong woman she is at the end. Are her romantic relationships part of that development? Yes, but even stronger in it is her relationship with Randall, her grandfather. But seeing as Randall is a vampire … I’m still stuck with the paranormal label. Oh, well. C’est la vie as the French say.


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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5 Jan 2016: It’s official!! I’ve given birth to a paperback.

At long last, the first book in my series is now out in paperback.

Click here to see it on Amazon


After a couple of years of only putting out Ebooks, it’s nice to finally be able to say “Yeah, sure.  You can get it in paperback.”  I always think I’m the last to get any new tech, as I usually am, so I’m still surprised how many people are out there that just won’t read an ebook even if they have access to them.   What’s up with that anyway?  I mean I get the whole you love the feel of the book in your hands, turning actual pages and all, but welcome to 2016. For me, if I read an ebook that I fall in love with, I usually try to buy it in paperback and add it to my library. But I still read the ebook first.  This is especially true for me because I love my Kindle Unlimited that only lets you have 10 books out at a time.  Best to get it in paperback if I want to reread it.

So, if you’re one of those folks who was waiting for the paperback version to buy my book, Today Is Your Day!


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

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28 Oct 2015: Sellin’ it with Book Promo Pictures

So this week, in honor of Halloween, I’m offering the first book in my series, The Purity of Blood, for 99 cents on Amazon.  It’s a vampire romance series so the holiday tie in seems logical.  But you know how it goes, the best way to say it is to say it with pictures!  Pictures are what catch our eye on Facebook and Twitter.  So to capitalize on that, whenever I want to promote a special, I troll the internet for pictures that I can manipulate to serve my purposes.  In most cases, I alter them on which is s super cool photo editing website you should definitely check out.

I like to make many different images even for this one week sale.  Let’s face it, no one likes to see the same post over and over and over again.  Eventually, they’ll just tune it out.  So having multiple images to post make sense.  I also like to have different ones, like some are funny, some stress romance, some just fall or Halloween.  I try to make a picture that would appeal to someone specific in my target audience.

Here are the ones I made this past weekend for my current sale.  Oh, yeah, and don’t forget to check out my book while it’s on sale this week!

Celebrate Halloween Promo

Celebrating Halloween

DId you Hear Promo q

Final Sara Sale

Get in the Mood Promo


Jennifer G Novels Cembrating

Now Through Halloween


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series, and If Love is a Lie: A Partly True Love Story.

13 Oct 2015: What to do with Old Copies of your Books

While on a recent cleaning streak through my apartment, I came across the boxes of old copies of my books.  They are the paper copies that I used to edit.  I’m old school and like to hand edit my books with a pen.  Anyway, I did at time need to reference an older copy of the book and so kept these copies in a box.  Well … actually three large boxes now taking up residence in my one closet for storage.  Yet, I’m a sentimental fool and hate to toss them out.  They are the story of how my books came to be.  So I came up with the idea to do an art project with them.  Usually I paint for art projects, but this time I did a collage of my first novel, The Purity of Blood.  It’s quite large, 30×40 inches, but then again, it’s a long book!


How did I make it?  I bought a pre-made canvas at Michael’s and some Mod Podge to do the decoupage with.  It’s basically white glue.  I used a foam brush to apply the glue to the pieces of my book that I cut out.


P1040806I trimmed the edges as much as possible so that more of the text would show through and also picked pages that had my favorite spots in the book or really good hand written edits.  I also added in some maps of the areas my book is set as well as a few other little items of interest.



Yet, when I was just about finished, it still seemed to be lacking something, so I splattered red paint on it to look like blood.  It’s a vampire love story after all!


Now I have a really cool reminder of just how much work went into that first book of mine.


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

30 August 2015: I Am God … Well sort of …

As a writer, I create a universe.  Through nothing but the power of my thoughts, I will this universe to knit together and populate it with people both good and bad.


Not being as benevolent as the good Lord almighty, I do not give these people free will.  They do my biding, the bidding of the words I type on my laptop.   If they displease me, I’ve been known to kill them off.


In an existence where we cherish the unspoken notion that we retain power over our lives, being a writer can be a safe place where we can truly be in control of the ebb and flow of the universe we chose to surround ourselves with.   I think my characters said it best in my novel “The Blood That Binds” where Sara comments on this same topic to Mason, her brother’s boss and her unwanted suitor.  Mason starts off by saying …

“I guess I can understand that. I would probably feel the same way if I were you. No one likes to lose their sense of control.”

“Problem is, control is generally an illusion, isn’t it?”

“How so?”

“In reality, what do we really have control over besides the way we react to things. We certainly can’t control what happens to us or the circumstances we find ourselves in most of the time. It’s nice to think we’re the masters of our own fates, but I think God is the one in ultimate control of things down here. My finding out about the Rogers family history is just a glimpse into his bigger picture, and proof that most of what I thought to be truth was just an illusion.”

And so I write …

man writing a contract

Life is messy, unpredictable, complicated.  When I write my novels, I don’t feel any of that frustration with life.   There isn’t  a moment where any of my characters aren’t doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.  They do by bidding and don’t complain at the water cooler that the boss is a pain in the a$%.  In reality, I find my attempts at control to be as effective as herding cats.  In this way, I think being a writer is the best therapy I could have to the frustrations of life.

Yet, we like our illusions. 

Yes, we all like to think we have some measure of control over the fates, that we are the masters of our own destiny.  Is this true?  I suspect not.  If I toss a bottle into the ocean, where it ends up is the control of the waves, the tide, the current.  In the end, the waves, the tide and the current all fall under the will of the gravitational forces of the moon.  Who’s will does the moon operate under?  God?  The universe at large?

Control may be an illusion, but I’m good with that.  I think it’s one of the things I love most when my creative juices are flowing and my fingers are typing as fast as my characters are talking in my mind.  I lose myself in their world, and yet at the same time I direct their fates with my every whim.  Will they live?  Will they die?  Will the fall in love or have their hearts broken?  In the end they think they have control, but little do they realize they live in Jennifer’s world.  And Jennifer is not always as benevolent a goddess as they might wish … 🙂


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood novel series and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

23 August 2015: Happy 128th Birthday, Daniel!

Yep, today is Daniel Bennett’s birthday!  Sexy vampire Daniel is one of my main character’s in The Purity of Blood novel series, and to celebrate his 128th birthday, I’m posting a quiz on my Facebook page for my fans, directing them him for the answers to the questions.

Happy 128th Daniel

Here are the questions and answers below:

The Purity of Blood Trivia Questions

  1. What’s the name of the Inn Sara worked at in Port Jefferson?
  2. What town is Lauri’s family from in Pennsylvania?
  3. What word does Sara use to describe Ben’s eyes?
  4. What are the proper names of Roger’s children?
  5. How many humans die at the hands of vampires in all five books? (Not counting those that became vampires once dead)
  6. What’s the name of the vampire trying to kill Sara in Book One?
  7. Do the Donnelly’s have any pets?
  8. Where (town and state) is Ben from?
  9. What’s the name of the dorm Sara and Darcy live in at NPU?
  10. What are the names of the two girls that live in the room across from Sara and Darcy?
  11. What’s Ben’s middle name?
  12. How is it that Randall ends up walking Sara down the aisle?
  13. In what city did Thomas live as a human?
  14. Of all the friendly vampires, who was turned the youngest?
  15. What was Lily’s occupation as a human?
  16. Name three members of Daniel’s human family.
  17. Who was the first person in Sara’s immediate human family to find out about vampires?
  18. How is it that Randall ‘died’ before Lois, but Lois was buried before Randall?
  19. How many years did it take the author to start writing Book One to publish Book Five?
  20. Who designed the covers of each book?
  21. Are there any towns mentioned in the books that are not real places?
  22. Name the five characters that make up Sara’s core group of friends at New Paltz.
  23. New Paltz University is a real school with a fake name. What is the real name of the college that New Paltz University stands in place of?
  24. What is the age difference between Sara and Roger?
  25. What procedure is Dr. Pearce hesitant to perform on Sara in Book Five?
  26. Name all five books in order.
  27. What are Tabitha, Mike and Ryan’s last names?
  28. What important date (Day/Month) on the calendar is continually counted down to the last few books?
  29. In what town does Ben and Daniel find Sara in Book Four when she runs away?
  30. How are Randall and Lois related to Tori and Toby?
  31. How did Roger get his name?
  32. On what street is Roger’s house located?
  33. Name four characters in the novels that are based on real people?
  34. Which book is the longest and which is the shortest?
  35. What is the name of Randall and Lois’ granddaughter that they befriended in Ohio?
  36. What does Sara finally have with a beer in Book Five?
  37. Why does Sara go to Montana with Ben in Book Two?
  38. What’s the name of the dinner Sara and Ben get chased to in Book Two?
  39. What’s under Randall and Daniel’s house in New Paltz?
  40. Where is Sara when she sees Demetrius for the first time?
  41. How does Demetrius die?
  42. What’s the name of the other girl in the dorm that spreads stories about Sara?
  43. How far along was Sara when she found out she was pregnant?
  44. When did Randall and Carl Sr. first meet?
  45. How long was Sophia buried alive by the Brotherhood?
  46. Where are Daniel and Sam when Sam convinces him he’s an idiot to leave Sara?
  47. What does Lois give Sara as a Christmas present?
  48. What kind of car does Sara drive in Books One through Four?
  49. What is the name of Sam’s lost love?
  50. What does Sara get her degree in?
  51. Name six towns, cities or countries visited in Book Five?


  1. Clipper’s Inn
  2. East Petersburg
  3. Chocolate
  4. Tobias and Victoria
  5. Eleven (Book 1: Unnamed Pure by Demetrius, Book 2: Sharon, the waitress in Big Timber. 6 Men killed by Daniel. Couple Lucy Kills in Savannah. Book 3: Sam kills Mason’s henchman, Chuck, who attacked them at house)
  6. Demetrius
  7. A cat (Mentioned in Book 1)
  8. Big Timber, Montana
  9. Capen Hall
  10. Laura and Keri
  11. Theophilus
  12. Carl had to work
  13. St. Louis, Missouri
  14. Lily
  15. Paralegal
  16. Sophia, Phineas, John, Sophronia
  17. Vivy, her mother
  18. Randall bit Lois than ran away
  19. Two years
  20. Jennifer Geoghan
  21. No
  22. Ryan, Mike, Tabitha, Darcy, Ben
  23. The State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz)
  24. Ten Years
  25. Hysterectomy
  26. The Purity of Blood, Purity Lost, The Blood that Binds, Purity’s Progeny, Blood’s Solemn Vow
  27. O’Toole, Wayne and Starling
  28. May 17th (Graduation and Wedding Day)
  29. Elizabethtown, New York
  30. Fifth Great Grandparents
  31. Named after the Rogers family
  32. Omega Street
  33. Randall Wells, Lois (Maxson) Wells, Jonathan Wells, Martha Ann (Rogers) Wells, Russell Wells, Williams Rogers Wells, Elliott Wells, Florence Wells, and many more.
  34. Shortest book is Purity Lost at 170,812 words. Longest book is Purity’s Progeny at 225,480 words
  35. Electa (Wells) Maxson, daughter of their daughter Sylvia
  36. Fish and Chips
  37. To avoid going home to face her parents/to avoid explaining about Daniel
  38. Frosty Freez
  39. A cave with a canoe, under a series of chambers.
  40. Standing on the street in New Paltz
  41. Sara injects him with her blood
  42. Heather
  43. Nearly six months
  44. University of Rhode Island
  45. Nearly 50 years
  46. Savannah
  47. A locket
  48. Chevy Aveo
  49. Mariah
  50. Art History
  51. New Paltz, Hopkinton, France, Egypt, England, London, Paris, Mendlesham, Italy, Greece

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane!


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

9 August 2015: Evolution of a Book Cover … From Drab to Dazzling

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been in the process of updating the look of my book covers and upgrading the image of Jennifer Geoghan Novels overall. Basically I’m throwing the proverbial spice on them and yelling “BAM!”  For Book Three in my series, I wanted to keep the image of the lighthouse. The lighthouse in Stonington, CT where the book takes place is distinctive, not just your basic tower and small building beside it, so I wanted to make it a bit easier on the reader and show them what it really looks like. Plus it’s just really cool looking. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I did get permission from them to use the photo.

I’ll start with this, the original book cover …. Oh, how I thought it was pretty good at the time … yet with time, I realize how lacking it is.

The Blood that Binds

So I started with the photo I took while up there in Stonington.   Then using my Adobe Elements program, I erased the tree branches in the foreground. I like them as a photo, but in a book cover, they’re distracting.


I attempted to start the cover from this image, but found that the distinction between cloud and blue sky was again distracting, so went ahead and filled in the blue sky with more cloud cover. I didn’t bother to pretty it up as I knew I’d be imposing a different sky on it anyway, but I still needed a more even background to build upon.  Then went on and added the GRITTY effect and then TINTED it red because I still wanted to keep with the Red, White and Black theme.  The gritty effect gave better contract with the bricks of the lighthouse then just tinting it.


And then it got cloudy out … really cloudy.  I wanted a menacing sky, a dark one that would not only be dark and ominous, but one I could put a white font on for the title that would give good contrast.  To do this, I used again and went, ironically enough, under the themes section to VAMPIRES.  Under the textures section there, I added the dark clouds and saved it.  Then added more, and more, and more.  You can now see how my patch job on the clouds has been obscured.


When I had the clouds where I wanted them, I added in the title.  To keep a certain sense of continuity with the new covers of first two books, I used the same typewriter font and also used the same font for the word blood just like I did in Book One.

Then came the dilemma of the door.   To door or not to door, that was the question I posed to my Facebook fans. Asking which they preferred, I did a survey. Without won, but I thought it looked a bit distracting to have a total black hole. I liked the mystery of the missing door, but as a book cover, it was a bit much. In the end I compromised and did a darkened door.


Here’s the final cover.  I like it a lot, and boy is it an improvement over the original one.  What can I say, time and experience will teach you a lot about book covers.

The Blood that Binds Cover Art 7-30-2015

Just to show that the road here wasn’t without a few detours, here’s a few different looks I experimented with that didn’t make the cut.

Bad ones

So there you have it, the evolution of a book cover. has lots of great effects you can add and I highly recommend fiddling around on their site if you’re looking to create your own covers.


Jennifer Geoghan, Author of Romance Novels with a Twist.  The Purity of Blood Novel Series, and If Love Is A Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

ALSO: Don’t Forget …. Today is the last day The Purity of Blood Vol. One is free on Amazon.  Check it out by clicking on the image below.

Free Weekend 3