About Jennifer

Specializing in romance with a twist, Jennifer Geoghan (Pronounced Gay-ghen), Indie Author, Genealogist and Blogger, is the author of The FALLING Series as well as If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.  She also writes a blog chronically what it’s like to be an Indie Author and Publisher. (www.JenniferGeoghanNovels.com)

A lover of words from a young age, Jennifer has spent her whole life not only writing, but slowly and carefully perfecting her craft and her own unique storytelling style.  Raised in the small beach community of Wading River, New York, Jennifer graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with her degree in Art History.  An avid genealogist and traveler, Miss Geoghan currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

“All of my novels contain some elements of the author. My hopes, my dreams, my nightmares,” she says of her work. “I believe a writer should not only write what they know about, but what they’re passionate about as well.”

Having spent the last thirty years tracing her family tree, Jennifer used her passion for her family history as an inspiration for her The FALLING Series.

Just how did she do that?

“It came about because of that wish every genealogist has entertained at one point in their life, that desire to sit down with some mysterious long gone ancestor and ask them for the answers to those questions that the dry, black and white facts of birth, death, marriage records couldn’t provide.  In essence, were they good and kind people, or mean and troublesome.”

To bring this passion into her fictional novels, Jennifer fashioned two characters that are based on real life ancestors in her family tree, thereby bringing them back to life in a fictional sense.  Sara, her series protagonist, is of course as avid a genealogist as Miss Geoghan is, and is stunned to realize her forth great grandparents are still alive even two hundred years after their supposed deaths.  Giving Sara the same family tree as herself, Jennifer introduces her own fourth great grandparents as characters in her novels by creating likely personalities for them based on what life experiences she knew they had.

How do you bring ancestors that died well over two hundred years ago into the modern era? “Vampires, of course,” Jennifer answers with a mischievous wink and a smile.

In If Love is a Lie, Jennifer used her unfortunate real life experiences with a dating website scam artist as the basis for this fast paced romantic thriller.  “In life it’s true that you can’t always have a happy ending, but being a novelist, I can always write one for my characters.”  Jennifer’s scam artist was never caught, but the second half of If Love is a Lie is the story of how justice is found, as well as love, betrayal, sex, and of course a happy ending.

“Every person has a story to tell, some aspect of their lives that would make an excellent novel.”  Because of this belief, Jennifer loves to travel and meet the colorful array of people that make up our great country.  “Yes, at heart all my stories are love stories, but I’m always looking for a story that is not only entertaining, but one that needs telling.”  This was one of the reasons she wrote If Love is a Lie, a deeply personal tale.  Not only is it a heartfelt love story, but she hopes that it will also educate those that might otherwise fall emotional victim to the many scam artists that reside on the internet.

In her spare time, Jennifer loves to read and always falls asleep with a book on her nightstand.

“I read everything from the classics like Jane Austen, to thrillers, to good old fashioned well-written trashy novels.   As long as at its heart, it’s a good, well told story, I’m up for it.”

What’s next for Jennifer?  “More books of course. I’ve got dozens more stories in me that are just bursting to get out! And with each book, I become one step closer what I’ve always wanted to be, the best story tell I can possibly become.”

 Want to know when Jennifer Geoghan’s next books are being released?

 She also has a blog for her Genealogy research of the Wells Family

Jenn on Ship

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