28 June 2015: Book Launch Promotion Ideas #3: The Big Countdown!

Continuing my series of book promotion ideas leading up to the launch of my new novel, If Love is a Lie, Finding and Losing Love Online, here’s today’s topic: The Big Countdown.

Sad as it is to admit, my previous books (The five novels in The Purity of Blood series) all launched with a “Hey, here’s my book. Please buy it,” mentality. I’d never really given much thought into the idea of creating excitement around and leading up to the big day where it goes live on Amazon for sale. I mean, in hindsight that makes perfect sense, but back then, I was thinking like a writer, not a promoter.

Yep, these times they are a changin’ ….

And this old girl had better get up and start changing with those times if she wants to quit that place she goes to Monday through Friday for forty hours a week. You know, that forty hours a week she could have spent writing but was forced to go to in order to pay the rent.

So apparently, thinking like a promoter means creating excitement and anticipation about your book. With that in mind, for this book launch I decided to do a seven day countdown on Facebook. Each day I’m posting a countdown Picture (See below) along with a post about the book and what it can do for the reader.

Yep, you heard me … What it can do FOR THE READER.

I’ll be posting more about that tomorrow, but mainly today I’m talking about creating excitement and a buzz. Get the word out on the street that something is coming … something that they should be looking forward to. Post it far and wide, on Facebook, on your blog, tell your friends, tell your enemies (well, don’t tell them, they’re mean).

When I created my countdown images to post, I tried to be creative and scanned my phone to use as the image on each one. Each image has a scan of a text , a real text sent between me and my scam artist, Antonio, about whom my book is written about.

So where else would you go to spread the word that your book is about to come out?  How do you create the excitement to entice folks to want to buy your books?

Let’s hear some good ideas!


5 Days

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