26 July 2015: A Good Pick-Up Line is all it takes ….

It’s probably because I’m a writer, but I just love a good line, a wonderful twist on the same old words we use every day into something new and creative.  Seems I’ve come across a rash of them over the past couple of weeks.  So today I thought I’d share some wonderful turns of phrase with you.

First I’ll start by saying I’ve been living in the south too long.  Why, you ask?  Because it seems all I listen to on the radio these days is country music.  Say what you want about the genre, but they do come up with some great lyrics.  For example:

Jason Aldean’s “The Night Looks Good on You.”    Here’s a little of the lyrics that I just love:

The night looks good on you … I can taste the midnight on your lips
Makes me just wanna lean in for another kiss ….  Wind blowing your hair around
Girl it makes me want to let you down …  You’ve been beautiful a million times
But I’ve never seen you looking like this no

I just love “I can taste the midnight on your lips” and “The night looks good on you.”  I have to give a hats off to Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins and Ashley Gorley the writers of this song.  Great stuff, boys!!


Another song that’s playing right now that I love is “Young and Crazy” by Frankie Ballard.  Here’s a sample:

I wanna sit out on the porch
Telling stories ’bout my glory days when I’m pushing eighty.
How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise
If I ain’t ever young and crazy?

Just a great twist of words by  Shane L Mcanally, Rhett Atkins and Ashley Glenn Gorley.

Now on to Television.  I started watching a show called Turn on Netflix last week.  It’s about a spy during the American Revolution.  A really well written show if you’re looking for something to watch  One line I really liked was when the father was talking of how intelligent his son who passed away was.  He said “His questions were like answers.”  I really love that one.


Another well written show is Hannibal, based on the characters in The Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon.  I will say that you have to be okay with a lot of gore, because there is a lot of carnage in this show.  That aside, it’s probably one of the most intelligently written shows I’ve watched in a LONG TIME.  They don’t dumb it down at all, so you really have to be paying attention.  Here’s a couple of great lines I jotted down so I’d remember:

“All sorrows can be born if you put them down in a story.  Tell me your story.”

“Our minds concoct all sorts of fantasies when we don’t want to believe the truth.”

Good stuff, no?  The sad part is that Hannibal got cancelled so we only get two seasons of this wonderful writing.


So, do you have any favorite lines or shows that make you proud to be a writer?


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

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