14 Oct 2015: Is your book cover in a frame at Michael’s?

What on earth is she talking about this time?  Michael’s?  The art supply and craft store?  Yep, the very same one.

Back in May I did a blog post about how the image you might buy for a book cover off some internet sight is likely to also be sold to someone else and could end up as a book cover for them as well as you.  Not cool!

I sited this photo I found while searching for my own book cover image:

Same Photo 1

So a couple of days ago I was trolling the aisles at Michael’s looking for a frame and look what I came across:



So does this couple look familiar?  Yep, it’s the same couple I was commenting on last May.  Now whoever is selling these frames to Michael’s is using them as the cozy couple behind the glass.  So … this means your book cover image might be on sale at Michael’s some day!  Food for thought!


Jennifer Geoghan, author of The Purity of Blood Novels and If Love is a Lie: Finding and Losing Love Online.

Link to the original post: Click Here

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