2 Feb 2015: The long wait for US Copyright Certificates

So I finally got the paperwork in the mail for the US Copyright certificate for my first novel on Friday.  I know they’re back logged, but the date of submission on the certificate was Feb 15, 2014.  Yep, it took almost a year for them to process my online submission.  I find this odd, because I submitted the form on their website for my second book about five minutes after I submitted the form for Book One.  This is odd because I got the certificate in the mail for Book Two about two months ago!  Truly a government operation!

I know a lot of indi authors don’t bother to get the official US Copyright on their work.  Personally, I say why not?  It’s only $35 and does give you a stronger standing in the eyes of the law if your rights are infringed upon.  I know my books are kick ass, why not protect them.  After all, they’re unique stories worth plagiarizing.   Plus the $35 is tax-deductible too.  🙂



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