28 Feb 2015: I’m back!!

Yes, I’m finally back.  It took me a few weeks to recover from my surgery.  Hard to write a decent post when you’re half asleep from your meds.  Now that I’m back on the mend, I’m finally getting back into my daily routines again.

Today I wanted to talk about real estate listings online.   Huh?? you’re asking … Yep.  When I was writing my fifth novel, I needed a house for my characters to stay in in a small town in rural England.  Problem is, the town doesn’t really have a hotel and is in the middle of nowhere.  So, I went online and looked at real estate listings for Mendlesham England and came across the perfect house for them to rent.


Above is the listing I found.  The house was perfect and I used the detailed photos of the interior and exterior of the home to create and accurate and detailed description of it in my novel.

One thing to know about real estate listings if you use them …. They don’t last forever.  If you click on the above link, you’ll see that the listing has been removed.  I mean houses sell.  So, if you want to keep the pictures for reference, save them on your computer.

Here are the photos of the house I used as well as the major rooms that my characters moved around in.

29820_10804_FIN080406212_IMG_00_0001_max_620x414 29820_10804_FIN080406212_IMG_09_0001_max_620x414 29820_10804_FIN080406212_IMG_15_0001_max_620x414 29820_10804_FIN080406212_IMG_18_0001_max_620x414

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